Kaskade Stone Baths & Basins

The architectural splendor of a beautiful KASKADE Stone Bath or Basin will become the centerpiece of any bathroom. Kaskade exclusive ergonomic designs create a completely relaxing and truly luxurious experience.

The KASKADE collection are instantly recognizable by their delightfully contoured forms and crisply molded detailing. Beneath the beauty is the very latest production technology. Cast Stone Solid Surfacing is a unique blend of high quality resins and limestone with a matt finish that will stay as flawless as the day it first graced your home.

Since the 1920s we’ve been creating state-of-the-art baths, using the latest innovations and technology. From galvanized iron tubs in a dusty gold mining village to sturdy cast iron baths and eventually the first fused, sleek free standing bath designed and manufactured in Australia. The KASKADE brand offers customers around the world architecturally beautiful stone baths and basins, designed to be the exquisite sculptural centerpiece of extra special bathrooms.

The first documented bathing facilities date back as far as 3000BC to ancient India and the Palace of Indus Valle. Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians designed and constructed limestone bathing areas in the homes of the wealthy, where servants would pour water over their masters. Remains of the first single freestanding bathtub were found on the Greek Island of Crete, made from hardened pottery.

The bath has evolved and reinvented itself with ever changing materials in the 5,000 years since its creation. Although modern bathing see us heading back to natural solutions, KASKADE bridges this gap to unveil the ultimate bath, a KASKADE bath.

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